I welcome you to Agreement Prayer Ministries (Int’l) where prayer Moves Mountain and praises move God. As we know that prayer is liken to our breath, and breath is equivalent to our life, if one is not praying, he or she is likening to the dead. And one cannot know how to pray until he starts to pray. God does not care for your grammar; He cares for your FAITH as you approach to him in prayer.

Prayer sometime is made in advance, not when you are pushed beyond your limit, or pushed out of your comfort zones, when your wellbeing is challenged and endanger, then involuntarily you resort to prayer. Prayer begins in trouble, and it continues because man is always in trouble at some level. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!

As I welcome you to this website, I will like you to know that the very desire of God has not been fulfilled in our generation. The cry from heaven is still looking for a man who will stand in the gap. Men who can stand in the days of battle. Men who can pray heaven’s glory down on earth, men who can change the laws of Medes and Persia. Men and women who can decree a thing and it will be establish. Men who will turn the world around them upside down for the glory of God. Men who will subdue nations and kingdoms. Men who will be asking for mountains at their old age because they have power with God and with men like Caleb. Men who will change the course of history. Are you one of them? Then you have waited too long…Join the chariot of prayer warriors.